Central Africa between violence and pandemic

“The situation in Central Africa remains very delicate and unstable.” The Carmelite father Aurelio Gazzera reminded him of Agenzia Fides.

The determining factors are the emergence of Covid-19, foreign interference in the country to exploit its economic resources, especially Chinese and Russian, and the political instability caused by the resumption of violence by some armed groups.

Since 2013, a coup by the Seleka militias led to the fall of the then-acting president, the nation is under unstable control of the country. In this instability, religion is often used as a means for political and economic interests that have nothing to do with it.

The Pope’s visit in 2015, his choice to start the Jubilee of Mercy from this same country, had represented a respite to these armed struggles.

Now, however, there is a new beginning in the violence of rebels linked to the Peul ethnic herders who oppose local farmers. “The Bozoum area – says Father Aurelio – is inhabited by farmers who with great effort cultivate the land around the villages.

Periodically, herds of grazing beasts invade their land destroying all or part of the cultivation. When the peasants try to assert their Reasons, the militiamen intervene. In a spiral of violence that does not seem to end.”

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Photo: Getty Images