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Omnis Terra analysis on Pakistan’s new created Commission for religious minorities

Standtogether has been closely following the National Commission on Minorities (NCM), established by the Government of Pakistan on May 5, 2020.

The commission had been anticipated for a long time, particularly after Pakistan’s Supreme Court issued a sentence on June 19, 2014, ordering federal and provincial authorities to implement a number of policies in favor of minorities.

Among said policies was the establishment of a National Commission for Religious Minorities. As already underlined by Standtogether, the creation of this commission has presented several challenges, mainly because its legal status and composition hamper its objective of addressing issues related to the human rights of religious minorities in Pakistan.

Omnis Terra has published an analysis on recent developments concerning this National Commission on Minorities. The study looks at the national and international human rights framework in order to understand the scope of the commission’s impact with respect to what was established by the Supreme Court sentence of June 19, 2014.

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