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Pakistan: Sawan Masih acquitted of blasphemy after six years on death row

Sawan Masih was acquitted of the blasphemy charges. The report of the Lahore (Pakistan) High Court decision is the Asia News Agency, which tells the story of the man, a Pakistani Christian sentenced to death in the first instance in 2014, due to false testimony, and forced to pass the last six years in prison.

Asia News itself requested a comment from human rights activist Suneel Malik, who emphasizes that very often “blasphemy laws are used to dispel personal disputes and land disputes.” And in fact, even with regard to Sawan Masih’s story, the problem would lie precisely in the desire to expropriate land in an area predominantly occupied by Christians. Now the one who runs the risk of ending up in trial is precisely the false accuser for the crime of slander. Suneel Malik adds the importance of “the government prosecuting and punishing false accusers and ingeniously fabricated testimonies,” but also that this is unfortunately not easy. “Official statistics show that at least 80 people, including judges, lawyers and politicians, were assassinated extrajudicially for supporting the accused in blasphemy cases or for expressing their opposition to the laws ”.