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All brothers, even the enemies

“That of the pope becomes a prophetic voice in a dark world: the same imam of al-Azhar said so, that this encyclical has come to light because today the world is going through a dark phase.”

These are the words of the Chaldean patriarch Louis Raphael Sako, reported by Asia News, in commenting on Pope Francis’s encyclical “Brothers all”.

The Cardinal, in addition to underlining the close link between the Encyclical and the document on human brotherhood signed by Pope Francis in Abu Dhabi in February 2019 together with the grand imam of al-Azhar, recalled the added value that Christians can give to the concept of “fraternity”.

«Muslims speak of a fraternity among themselves, a human fraternity. The pontiff’s reference is wider, as in the Gospel when he exhorts us to love our enemies. This is a peculiar aspect of Christianity and, starting from this element, we must help others learn to forgive, to be reconciled, to understand that revenge is bad. A radical change also for Muslims ».

In the interview, the Patriarch highlighted other fundamental issues, such as the need for all religions today to contribute to a “spiritual awakening”, necessary in the face of a secularized world in which fundamental values ​​are neglected and forgotten. Moreover, commenting on the large paragraph of the Encyclical dedicated to migrants, he added the urgency for the international community to remedy the causes that still make leaving their country the only way of survival for many.

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