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Christians must return to Mosul

In Mosul, young people, mostly Muslim, are collaborating on an initiative spearheaded by the NGO “Sawaed Mosuliya” to restore the Syro-Catholic church of Mar Toma.

Agenzia Fides reports the contribution these young people want to make to help Christians return to the Nineveh Plains, from where they were forced to flee after the self-named Islamic State occupied the city. This past Oct. 22, at an event organized by Standtogether at the Spanish Embassy to the Holy See, Fr. Steve Azabo recounted his own experience and that of the faithful at his parish.

There are many redevelopment projects promoted also by international entities, among them the UN and the EU, who both see Mosul as a key player in the effort to return the city to its multiethnic and multireligious status. It’s Iraqi authorities themselves who are prioritizing the return of displaced Christians to their traditional homes, despite the low number of Christians who have returned to their native lands after Jihadist occupation.