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How can we approach the reality of persecuted Christians?

The Advent and Christmas season begins, and the Virgen de la Caridad Illescas diocesan school in Toledo (Spain) prepares activities to help those most in need.

This year, the solidarity project is called “The corner of the persecuted Church” and it consists of, that the students listens to real testimonies of brave Christians in countries of persecution, and then they express what they felt when they heard those testimonies.

“The purpose was the concrete support of those who did not know that other children or young people in Europe loved them, were with them and offered to share the best: the Word of God,” said Mariano Navarro, the school’s pastoral coordinator.

From the Spanish Episcopal Conference they invite us to pray for people who live in a situation of persecution, that they are always respected and that they can get out of these situations of injustice.

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