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Prayer, unity and solidarity. "Only in this way we can fight terrorism"

Burkina Faso runs the risk of disappearing and the way of defense must be through “prayer, unity and solidarity. Only in this way will it be possible to fight terrorism.”

These are the words of Father Pierre Claver Belemsigri, secretary general of the Episcopal Conference of Burkina Faso and Niger, reported by Aid to the Church in Need.

Father Claver recalls how in the last twenty or thirty years, Islam in Burkina Faso has undergone a process of radicalization due to the fundamentalist currents of the Arabian peninsula. In fact, the attacks not only affected Catholics or Christians, but also Muslims opposed to fundamentalist Islam.

These numbers show hundreds of thousands of displaced people and refugees, including many children. Faced with this, the world’s response is indifference. But among the few charitable organizations in the country is the Catholic Church. Despite the persecutions, Christians in Burkina Faso do not deny their faith, which in fact, as Father Clever comments, seems strengthened by the attacks: “Despite the fact that their life is threatened, the faithful are proud to be Catholic” .

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