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Ways to remember persecuted Christians

Acts of kindness as ways to remember: For a lot of us, it is easy being Christian and we can practice our faith freely without being judged and without being harmed.

Some of our brothers and sisters do not have the same luck that we have. This is why we must pray for them. We need to know that with simple acts of kindness we can remember them. We will give you 3 three acts of kindness that are ways to remember them.

  1. Asia Bibi offered a cup of water to Muslim neighbors. They accused her of blasphemy and she was sentenced to death.

Act: Offer your neighbor a helping hand, an act of kindness out of love for Jesus.

  1. Muna and Awale in Somaliland were caught with Christian materials and arrested for “spreading Christianity.”

Act: Give a Bible or Christian literature to someone who does not know Jesus.

  1. New believers in hostile societies may be shunned or killed by their families or community.

Act: Reach out to a friend or family member to share the message of Jesus’ love with them

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