Pakistan: two young Christians accused of blasphemy law

Fides News Agency reports a new episode linked to the blasphemy law in Pakistan. Charged with crimes ranging from 10 years of imprisonment to the death penalty are 25-year-old Haroon Ayub Masih and 30-year-old Salamat Mansha Masih, members of an evangelical Christian community.

According to the testimony of their accusers, the two boys would have preached Christianity and offended Muhammad and the Koran. According to one of the two boys arrested, because the other managed to escape with his family, the young people were instead studying, discussing the New Testament with each other, when some boys stopped to listen and ask for information.

After starting to answer their questions that they were asked, the boys were admonished from speaking about Christianity in a public place.

Fides reports that this is the second case of blasphemy aimed at Christians in 2021 and that there are currently 24 Christian prisoners in Pakistan, accused under the blasphemy law.

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