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Pope Francis’ controversial trip to Iraq, where Christianity is “dangerously close to extinction”

Pope Francis’ travels have been characterized by the difference with other pontificates.

The Pope has traveled to many destinations where Christians are a minority e.g. Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Japan, South Korea.

Now it was the turn of Iraq, a country where Christians have become extinct over the years, a trip that seemed that it would not happen, but finally it did.

The Pope was received at Baghdad airport by Prime Minister Mustafa Kazemi. 

It is a trip that has a very high degree of risk, yet it has been on the Pope’s mind for a long time. 

In Iraq since the US invasion in 2003 and until 2019, the Iraqi Christian community has shrunk by 83%. Of 1.5 million Christians, only 250,000 remain. it is estimated that at least one million of them have fled to Europe or the United States.