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Military raids on churches and temples: military violates religious freedom

Christian churches and Buddhist temples suffer continuous military raids and violent searches by the Burmese military, looking for hidden activists or alleged illegal activities.

On april 9, the military entered to thoroughly search Baptist, Catholic and Anglican Christian churches in the town of Mohnyin.

“These raids are deplorable and constitute blatant violations of religious freedom. Religious sites are sacred. The entire population stigmatizes and is shocked by the fact that a sacred place is penetrated with weapons in hand, Buddhist churches and monasteries are frequently violently searched. These are serious acts of intimidation by the military that are generating growing tension and hostility among the Burmese population of all ethnicities and religions,” Fides‘ source notes. “The military identifies youth and protest leaders on social networks and then launches night operations to arrest them,” he says.

The KBC (The Kachin Baptist Convention) has declared its opposition to military rule and has held daily prayer for peace and justice, calling for federal democracy, equality and respect for freedom and human rights.

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