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How the Church has helped in the reconstruction of Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, a country struggling to heal its wounds after the civil war that happened 30 years ago, Christians play a fundamental role. Together with representatives of other confessions, they form part of the Interreligious Council that ensures the fulfillment of the Lomé agreements, a commitment signed in 1999 to guarantee peace among all the factions in the country.

Paul Morana Sandi, General Secretary of the Episcopal Conference of Gambia and Sierra Leone, told Agenzia Fides that Christians “have tried in every way possible to put that terrible period behind us and promote peace”. “We are a whole generation that has come out of the war and its horrible rhetoric,” he adds. Something that, in his opinion, has made them “responsible citizens” and called on them to continue working with the international community “to definitively leave behind the logic of conflict and take the path of development”.

Finally, the General Secretary of the Episcopal Conference recognizes that “there are ethnic, regional and political divisions that undermine our national cohesion”. However, he emphasizes that, regardless of all the problems, “there are efforts by the government and religious leaders to overcome them and achieve a Sierra Leone that represents us properly before the world”.