After Pope Francis’s visit to Iraq, initiatives to relaunch pilgrimages to Iraq are emerging.

Exponents of different Churches from all over the world made a pilgrimage to Iraq, to Ur of the Chaldees, the place where Abraham’s journey began to the Promised Land. The occasion was given by the official inauguration of the Syriac Catholic Bishop Firas Mundher Drdr as Patriarchal Exarch of Basoh and the Gulf but is inevitably affected by the attention that the recent trip of Pope Francis has caused in Iraq.

Agenzia Fides adds that the visit is part of an attempt to rescue this land, and in particular the area of Ur of the Chaldeans, to help the country after many difficulties they had plus they also had to face the Covid-19 pandemic.

In an interview granted to Standtogether on March 24, Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako also appealed to help the Christians of Iraq, asking to visit the country, as a gesture of closeness and a sign that the world has not forgotten Iraq.

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