Radio María en árabe, la radio para los cristianos perseguidos

Se llama “Radio Mariam” y nació después de presentar el proyecto al Papa Francisco.

It was at this meeting that the members of Radio Maria explained to Pope Francis their dream of streaming his retransmissions in Arabic.

«The project was presented to Pope Francis. He was very happy and also gave his support. «Radio Mariam was created with the idea to help the persecuted Christians and bring Christ to them.»

As such, on December 8, 2015, their desire came to fruition in their newly formed headquarters. Radio Mariam is a webradio that can be heard all over the world but especially focuses on those Christians who currently suffer the most.

«Our mission is the mission of transmitting Christian hope to all those who are persecuted throughout the world, especially to the Arabs. We want to tell them that their faith is very important for all Christians throughout the world.»

Therefore, messages are transmitted in every Arabic dialect, these messages include excerpts from the Maronite or the Greek-Melkite. The purpose is to provide a message to all listeners in their native tongue.

One of its more unusual retransmissions was made possible due to the collaboration of the Maronite Cathedral of Aleppo, which happened on Christmas Eve 2016.

«On Christmas Eve we managed to broadcast the Mass from the Maronite Cathedral of Aleppo. For five years there was no Mass there because the cathedral was destroyed, the roof collapsed. People could not risk it because there were so many bombings.»

Merely a few steps from St. Peter’s Square, but with their hearts firmly with the Middle East, they cry out to the Christians of the Holy Land that the Church has not forgotten them.