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Who we are

#StandTogether is a digital platform, inclusive and ecumenical, created to give voice to Christians who are discriminated or persecuted, especially in the Middle East. It also intends to underline the vital importance of religious freedom.

This project is the result of the collaboration between institutions devoted to fostering a culture of dialogue and peace, by spreading the testimony of religious minorities, Christian and others, who live in dire circumstances.

We do not wish to create a new reality or replace the existing initiatives devoted to this issue. Rather, our goal is to offer a common area for media and institutions to share their projects and to increase their potential audience exponentially.

The guiding idea behind this project is that the range of our message increases if we work together. That is why the following institutions are collaborating in this project: Communion and Liberation, Rome Reports TV News Agency, Fundación Promoción Social de la Cultura, and ISCOM, who were the initiators of the project.

The project hinges on three main activities:

1. Production of news stories and other TV services in three languages: Italian, English, and Spanish. The videos are produced by Rome Reports TV News Agency, which is specialized in media coverage of the Vatican and works with more than 20 countries worldwide.

2. Spreading news stories sourced from the different institutions that are already devoted to the issue of persecuted Christians. Contents will be published three formats: video, text, and image.

3. Collaboration with Christian communities and individuals, as well as public and private organizations that share the project’s core idea.

The main aspect of the project is dissemination on social networks.

We have a strong starting presence in social media, thanks to the follower base our founding members already have.

Social media strategy is based on building communication channels with different institutions which will share and retweet the contents from the project, which will be branded on social media with the hashtag #StandTogether.

The web page www.allstandtogether.com will serve as a space where the contents are compiled, which will then be disseminated through the different communication channels that participate in the project (social networks, web pages, bulletins, blogs, etc). This way, contents will be accessible and available for distribution through the different channels, in the shape of links, videos, or independent content.


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